Friday, May 6, 2011

Fluffy Strawberry Shortcake & WHERE we've been!

I grew up with my mom making this fruit dip that we all LOVED!  It's light and fluffy and SO YUMMY!  Recently I've been using it ON things in addition to being a "dip".  We devoured it on our strawberry shortcake last night :O).  We've also enjoyed it on waffles and pancakes.


32 oz strawberry yogurt (or flavor of your choice)
LARGE tub of Cool Whip (I believe it's 1 pound)

Mix together and chill before serving.

The original recipe calls for equal parts of yogurt and Cool Whip.  We likes ours a bit fluffier.  I think this Fluffy Strawberry Shortcake would be divine made with lemon yogurt!  I also recommend eating the fruit dip by the spoonfuls all on it own :O). 

Apologies for my long hiatus...FOUR days before Easter my sweet husband decided that the kids would be waking up to the below sign!!  It has been a whirlwind and OH SO FUN getting everything, enjoying our vacation, and then getting back to our regular routine.  It's always fun to go, and always great to be back HOME!...

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