Friday, April 1, 2011

Sprucin' Up Last Year's Outfit - Pink & Yellow Headband

My mom brought over a bunch of headbands last night from The Dollar Tree for me to put flowers on for my nieces. This morning when the 3 year old was getting dressed I couldn't resist making a matching flower headband. My mom also gave me a bunch of material scraps, there just happened to be PERFECTLY matching material in those scraps :O). This material covered headband came in a set of 6 for 1 dollar, my scraps were free to me - making this headband a whopping 17 cents! This little outfit is from last summer (it's Carter's purchased at Costco for less than 10 bucks) and still fits, YAY! There is enough material though to make a new skirt, and I plan on it!!


The Wibergs said...

Are you sick of hearing how cute your creations are? No? Good, because this little headband/outfit ensamble is darling as well. :)

Nicole said...

Oh, and about making the tie pattern bigger for your older boy... I would try printing off the pattern and using the angles for the point ends (rather than make the V smaller or bigger), but elongating the tie by adding several inches length-wise. That will slightly change the angle of the long sides, so you'll have to redraw the pattern. Right now the pattern piece is about 18", so I would try adding 4-6" to the pattern. That probably doesn't make any sense, sorry!